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Wednesday 19 July 2023

 Summer has arrived! The lush greens are starting to turn golden and the butterflies dance on the warm breeze from one flower to the next ....perfect, just perfect! 

My recent walks have taken me up on the  South Downs and the views have been stunning . 

The South Downs

 A sunshine day took me to Cuckmere Haven where I walked up over the downs on the  eastern side of the river.  I hadn't been to this part before and I wanted to see where the old church of Exceat once stood. I almost missed it among the long grass

The stone marking the place where the old church  of Excete once stood

It was a fabulous walk, blue skies,  sunshine  and the views were amazing.  

Cuckmere Haven

I reached the top of Haven Brow, which is the first of the Seven Sisters and decided it would be the perfect spot for lunch.

On top of The Seven Sisters

 As soon as I'd sat down a very cheeky Crow joined me and decided that I should share my sandwich with him . He knew when he was on to a good thing! 

After a while I continued on my walk , this meant heading back down hill. I had the choice of two paths,  I stupidly picked the steep one ! I will never EVER go down this path again! It was extremely steep and smooth. No where to safely get a good footing. I'm not good with heights so ended up bum shuffling my way down hill ! 🤣😂 But.....I made it! 😂😅

All in all it was a brilliant day and I couldn't wait to get painting one my favourite views of the day 

                                                     "Haven Views" 


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