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Wednesday 18 September 2013

Painting the fishing boats of The Stade, Hastings

A couple of weeks ago I was a lucky winner of some free travel tickets with Southern Rail which meant I could travel any where I wanted in the South Downs area .My sister and I eventually decided on a trip to Hastings (East Sussex).
The town is steeped in history including the battle of 1066 and smugglers tales from days of old.
My favourite part is The Stade with it's fishing boats and tall, dark, net shops.
( It is the largest beach fishing fleet in Europe)
 The area is so full of colour and character, a real painter's paradise!
I've painted one of the smaller boats before, this time I thought I would try something a bit more challenging and paint them with their fishing nets and tackle. The skies were quite overcast and dark which added to the whole atmosphere of the scene.
Work in progress, acrylic 24"x 12" .
The dark skies have been painted and work begun on the 2 fishing boats ...

Day 2 and progress is slow. There's so much small detail that It gets very tiring on the eyes. I've managed to add a bit more colour though and hopefully tomorrows session will see it start to come together more .
Day 3. A good painting day today! I've almost completed all of the detail on the boats. It will all seem a lot easier now that they're done. There's still a fair bit to do and a lot of seagulls to be added ...
Day 4 and another good and final painting day. The nets and pots took a while to paint but I eventually finished them. The only thing I didn't have was a title,  the Hastings Fishermens Museum have suggested "Pots and Dans". I had to ask what a "dan" was as my knowledge of sea fishing is pretty much non existent . I have now learnt that it is the flag that marks where the nets are.
 Such an apt and inspired title !
So here is the finished painting, not a great photo of it as the light is not very good today. You can get a better view by clicking on the picture....
                                                     "Pots and Dans"(Sold)
                                                  Acrylic on stretched canvas 24"x 12"
"Pots and Dans", The Stade, Hastings, Sussex

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  1. Hi Paula, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished painting!

  2. Hi Sharon, I think this one will drive me a bit crazy. It's not very big and has so much small detail that won't be possible on the medium grain of the canvas. But....I do like a challenge! :)