Thursday, 13 June 2019

"Castle Heights" Painting Lewes castle

Lewes castle from the mount
I live just a few miles from the town of Lewes. The county town of Sussex.
Situated within the slopes of the South Downs it is steeped in history and wonderful architecture.
Over the past few years I have  painted  2 of the views overlooking the rooftops
Two of my previous paintings of Lewes
This time I wanted to paint the castle and some of the surrounding buildings. After much thought I decided on the view from the Mount near the Priory ruins. No one really seems to know what the mount actually is but there are some great views from the top and further information about it here  The Mount, Lewes
I went up it last year but unfortunately trees obscured the view  . However on a recent visit I noticed that the trees had been felled ....happy me!  The view was just what I was hoping for! It took a lot of work to paint but I enjoyed every brush stroke .

                                                   "Castle Heights" 
                                    Acrylic on canvas 24" x 18" 
"Castle Heights" Painting of Lewes Castle
The South Downs above Rodmell
The Bluebells faded away and the countryside turned to lush greens and brilliant whites . New crops  growing in the fields, Cow parsley along the verges and Hawthorn blossom adorned the trees .
The sun came out and it was a perfect day for a walk over the Downs .
My path took me from Rodmell , past Telscombe and to the sea at Saltdean.
It was a lovely walk with amazing views !
Views from my walk from Rodmell to Saltdean
On my way I passed the vineyard at Breaky Bottom . It sits nestled among the patchwork fields that curve and slope around it . A perfect composition to paint !
                                        "Blossom over Breaky Bottom" 
"Blossom over Breaky Bottom" Acrylic on canvas
Arriving at the coast I was greeted by the colourful flowers that grow wild along the cliff tops at Saltdean . Thay made a vivid contrast against the white chalk and sea views.
                                                      "Wild by the sea" 
Painting the wildflowers on the cliffs at Saltdean

Friday, 3 May 2019

Painting Bluebells and streams

My oh my! Where did April go? Spring has suddenly arrived in all it's glory!
My painting World has so busy with artworks selling before I've finished them! This means I've got a bit behind with my blog and have little to add to my online galleries. I'm not complaining, life is very good, it just seems that I can't paint fast enough and feels a bit overwhelming at times  !
Anyway, April arrived and I waited enthusiastically for the trees and hedgerows to burst into leaf and colour.
My first walk was along the footpaths between Scaynes Hill and Danehill. A pretty walk of woodland and open fields. It also took me over the Bluebell Railway line , I arrived just as a train passed by.
The Bluebell Railway

 A little further on I came upon a stream at the edge of the woods. It was such a pretty place that I decided to stop and have my lunch there also became the subject of a painting...of course...
                                           "Woodland Spring" (sold) 
"Woodland Spring" Acrylic painting

 Then  the Easter Bank Holiday arrived and in just a few days the trees and hedgerows burst into leaf
 and the Bluebells were a mass of scented blue...heaven !
Bluebells at Wivelsfield
The weathar was wonderful so we headed off to Horsted Keynes to explore a few more paths . Our walk took us by the wonderful old Mill house
The old Mill house at Horsted Keynes
If you wish to see more photos from my walks then please take a look at my Facebook page Footpaths and photos
To my delight I found another stream. Usually the trees tend to block out the light but here the blazed through .....  just perfect to paint !
                                         "The Bluebell Stream" 
"The Bluebell Stream" Acrylic painting on canvas

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Ditchling beacon paintings

Ditchling beacon, Sussex
Oh my! March has been such a busy month! I've been decorating the house and Spring cleaning so you can imagine how delighted I was to see the sun shine and escape to the South Downs for the day.
I reached Blackcap at about 8am, such a wonderful time of day to be up there...just me, the Sky Larks  and the wonderful views ...bliss!  The track west over plumpton Plain looked like it went on forever!
Blackcap and Plumpton Plain
As I approached Ditchling Beacon my solitude came to an end as the dog walkers came into sight. I now had to share the rest of my walk . The car parks at the beacon and Clayton windmills mean it's easy walking for those that don't want to wander far and threrfore this area is very popular .
Heading west I stopped at the dew pond for my lunch. A lovely spot where the windswept Hawthorns stand defiant by the still water of the pond. The reflection of the blue sky made it all look quite surreal!
The dew pond along the South Downs Way and the Jack and Jill windmills at Clayton
I veered off from The South Downs way and headed off towards Clayton passing the windmills "Jack" and "Jill" and to catch the bus home.
It was a lovely day and gave me 3 new views to paint.....happy me!

                                        "Sussex Stile"  (Sold) 
                            Acrylic on canvas 24" x 18"  
Painting of the stile at Ditchling Beacon

                                             "Downland Dew Pond
                                   Acrylic on box canvas 24" x 12"
"Downland Dew Pond" Acrylic painting 24" x 12"
                                   "Windswept and Water"
                                                            Acrylic on canvas 12" x10" 
Acrylic painting of the Hawthorn and dew pond at Ditchling
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