Thursday, 18 August 2016

Feature and flowers. Painting the wild flowers of the South Downs

Wild flowers on Mount Caburn, Lewes, Sussex
I think this Summer I have become obsessed with the wild flowers !
I am just in awe of their beauty and have sat for hours taking in my colourful and aromatic surroundings .
Wild flowers on Mount Caburn

Then of course there's the butterflies! So many and so many different varieties . I do however have a favourite.
 It is the small Chalk Hill Blue .
Chalk Hill Blue butterfly

To me it symbolises my return to Sussex ( I lived elsewhere for 30 years) the South Downs and the wonderful events that have happened since being back .

My recent walk took me up the slopes of Mount Caburn, part of the South Downs on the outskirts of Lewes.
 It's like being on top of the World and on a clear day you can see forever! Well....nearly.
View south towards Newhaven from the top of Mt. Caburn

With so much inspirational choice I decided to paint 2 larger compositions, each measuring 30" x 20" and both acrylic on canvas...

                                                     "Chalk Hill Blue"
"Chalk Hill Blue"
 "The Summertime slopes of Mount Caburn on the South Downs in Sussex. Here a carpet of beautiful wild flowers flourish among the grass and Chalk Hill Blue butterflies delightfully dance and flutter in the sunshine.
This painting is highlighted with tiny flecks of metallic paint that gently catch the light of the summer sunshine."

                                                         "Wild Summer"
"Wild Summer"
The scent of wild flowers fill the air as Peacock butterflies dance in and out of the colourful blooms. Summertime on top of the South downs in Sussex with breathtaking views towards Firle beacon.
This painting is highlighted with tiny flecks of metallic paint that gently catch the light of the summer sunshine."

 To top off my wonderful Summer I am delighted to announce that this month the Artists and Illustrators magazine have given me a full page feature ! WOW! 
My feature in this month's Artists and Illustrators magazine


Friday, 5 August 2016

"By the water's edge" Painting the wildflowers along the river bank

It just wouldn't be Summer without a leisurely walk along the river.
There are some lovely footpaths on the outskirts of my village that allow me to indulge in some lazy daydreams and riverside delights.
A vast array of wildflowers where dragon flies dart and swoop among the spikes of  Purple-loosestrife and the fluffy scented clouds of Meadowsweet.
Summer at it's best!
I wanted to capture the wildness and colours. The dragonflies are highlighted with metallic blue so that they catch the light, just as they do by the river.

                                               "By the water's edge"
                                        Acrylic on canvas

"By the water's edge" Painting the wildflowers along the river bank
 Close up and wall views....

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

"A glimpse of Marbled White" Painting the wild flowers on Malling Down, Lewes

Malling Down nature reserve, Lewes, Sussex
The arrival of July takes me on a walk up Malling Down on the outskirts of Lewes.
 It's quite a steep walk but worth every moment! The views across the Sussex Weald are magnificent
Views from Malling Down overlooking the Sussex Weald
and as you can see I couldn't have wished for better weather.
Malling down is a nature reserve renowned at this time of year for it's wild flowers and butterflies. I wasn't too sure what to expect but as I approached the steep slopes of the coombe the area became increasingly more colourful with the vast array of flowers and grasses. I spent quite a while here just taking it all in and watching hundreds of Marbled White butterflies dance among the flower heads.
Pure heaven!
This is also a great place to get a good view of Lewes town nestled among the South Downs.
The coombe, Malling, Lewes
All in all a perfect day and I really wanted to try and capture some of it's essence in a painting....

                                 "A glimpse of Marbled White"
                               Acrylic on canvas 32"x 18"x 1.5"
"A glimpse of Marbled White" 

Close up views of the painting...

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

"Beyond to Kingston Ridge" Painting the South Downs

The view of The South Downs looking towards Kingston, Lewes, Sussex
There's still a couple of areas on the outskirts of Lewes that I have not yet explored so I decided to rectify this and headed to the west side of the town . It was a partially sunny day , not glorious sunshine but enough for a very pleasant walk .
I set off by following the track that runs behind Lewes prison and headed off on a circular route over the downs as shown below by the dotted line.

The fields were golden and delightfully edged by vibrant red poppies swaying gently in the breeze.

  The views were wonderful !
 Looking south (over Ashcombe house towards the village of Kingston) the harvest fields  perfectly complimented the lush green slopes of the South Downs.
From my view point I could  also see the recently restored Ashcombe Windmill with it's unusual six sails  .
I just loved this view and couldn't wait to get painting!

                       "Beyond to Kingston Ridge"
"Beyond to Kingston Ridge" Painting of the South Downs at Lewes, Sussex
Acrylic on canvas 24"x 18" 

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